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Where Did Pansy go? by Tiffany Teen
Years after Pansy disappeared Draco Malfoy wonders what happened to her.


Where Did Pansy go? by Tiffany Teen
Years after Pansy disappeared Draco Malfoy wonders what happened to her.


Where Did Pansy go? by Tiffany Teen
Years after Pansy disappeared Draco Malfoy wonders what happened to her.

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Story Notes:
Written for “For the Love of Fest’s May fest called It’s Gonna Be May. I’m using the song Yearbook by Hanson from their 1997 album The Middle of Nowhere as my prompt.
September 02, 2005 – Malfoy Manor – Wiltshire, England

It was another day of dealing with the mess that is his life. Draco Malfoy should feel blessed as he escaped Azkaban, got married to a suitable partner, and is very privileged. Still, something was missing, and he wasn’t as happy as he put on. Something felt like it was missing. Empty might be a better word for it. After Vincent Crabbe’s death, he and Greg Goyle stopped speaking. Not that he was a good friend to him before, but he did wish he could be one now. He did not treat either one of them well, and now he paid the price for that.

Luckily for him, his wife Astoria Malfoy née Greengrass was out shopping. Draco was tired of being badgered by her, his parents, her parents, and other family members to get her pregnant. He did not want a child with her. He did not even want her. Being with Astoria seemed like a good idea at the time, but it wasn’t an idea that he fully thought through. It was a match that was very agreeable with both sets of parents, and at the time, that matter since he wanted his parents off his back, and he wanted to look better to the wizarding world as a whole. Only, it didn’t make a difference, and he was stuck.

After finishing some work on the family finances, Draco walked to his room as he wanted to change into something a little more comfortable. When some dusty photos on the wall caught his eyes, as the manor was prone to dust and neither Astoria nor him liked the house-elves in the room, it happened a lot. Using a cleaning charm, he has seen that it was his wedding photo, and neither one of them looked that happy. The second photo was of Pansy Parkinson while she was in her Hogwart’s robes. It had been years since he had thought of her, as he tried not to.

There was that empty space; Pansy was what was missing. Thinking about it brought him a lot of pain, but he wondered what happened to her. It was a mystery, and the only answers that anyone had were rumors. Where did Pansy go? It was three months after his wedding, and his wedding was in the spring of 2001 when he went to see Pansy at her flat as he blew her off her last four owls post to him. He regrets it now how he treated her and wishes all the time that he could go back and change that.

The memory of walking into her flat that day still fills him with dread. The whole place was trashed, and her blood was on the wall. Her wand was lying among the belongs that was left on the carpet. Those plus other things that Draco knew that Pansy would never leave behind. The rest of the day was a blur; the only thing he can remember clearly was walking in. The Aurors had cleared him pretty quickly, but the mystery of what happened to Pansy Parkinson is still subject to gossip even today. All he knows is that the Aurors did suspect that she was met with foul play; they just don’t have very much evidence to prove more than that.

He tried putting those memories behind him as he heard his wife arrive back home at the manor but glanced one last time before he left the room at the only woman he ever truly loved. It is true what they say, that you don’t know what you got until it is gone, he thought as he shut the door to the room and hopefully to his heart.

“Draco, dear, I was thinking we should go on a vacation,” Astoria called out.

“That sounds great,” he replied.

“Where should we go?” She asked.

“Where ever you want love.”

September 03, 2005 – Yumihari No Oka Hotel – Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

She liked being near the shore, and so far from home. The air was fresh, and the breeze felt like silk on her skin. The sun was going down now, but it was refreshing to be in such a sunny place, though Pansy wasn’t use to it. She even got a bit sunburned. The hotel balcony had the most wonderful view, and the city lights were beautiful.

“I knew that I would find you out here.” A voice came from behind as a door closed.

“Are you done exploring?” She asked.

“For tonight, luckily I didn’t need to use the translation charm since nearby there is an American military base, and I was able to speak with some of the sailors that were from the base.”

“That’s probably for the best since last time you used that spell, you offended someone because somehow you did it wrong.” She laughed.

After the laughing stopped, there was a pregnant pause.

“Do you ever regret it? Leaving home and everyone and everything behind?”

“No, there was nothing left for me there, and no one on my side. Plus, if everything didn’t work out like it has, then I wouldn’t be here with you,” She replied.

“There were rumors that went you left that you were dead. Does that bother you?”

“No, I was praying for that to be the case. I’m hoping that in a few years, they will finally declare me dead, and then I will feel much more free.” Pansy answered.

After another long pause. “Any more questions,” she smirked.

“Yeah, aren’t you cold? That negligee is see-through.”

“I am. Is that an invitation?” She questioned.

“It always is.”

She strutted towards her companion, her intentions clear. she loved the sound her partner made as they moaned as she pulled her negligee off and tossed it on the floor. These were the moments she cherished the most, as she felt the most loved—more than she ever did back in England. Back then, she couldn’t even get someone she considered a best friend to write her back. Her parents didn’t love her, and she had no future there. In her mind, she had no other choice. The most unexpected part was when her love found her, she never expected them of all people to figure her out, and it pissed her off at first that it had to be them. However, that was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Since they brought up her old life, she now thought of it, but it rarely crossed her mind. Pansy was too busy living her life and having fun to really care about the mystery that she left behind.

They had so much fun that she didn’t remember going to sleep, it just felt like she rolled over, and it was morning, as evidence by the gorgeous view.

“I got you coffee.” Her lover said.

“Thanks,” she replied.

After they both finished their drinks, her partner spoke.

“So, how do you like it here?”

“I love it, but I want to explore the city more,” she responded.

“I feel like this is a place we can both settle down.” After a pause, they continued, “together.”

She smiled, “One hundred percent together; I just need to know if this place will work for the both of us.”

“You are picky.” They laughed as she joined in.

“Yeah, but you love that about me.”

As Pansy was planning her next steps, she didn’t think about Draco, who wondered where she went.
Chapter End Notes:
The accompany art also made for the fest is at my site.
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