Open & Other Things
As of now, this site is considered open. However, it's not completely finished at the moment.

So, if you notice your fandom, characters, relationships(romantic only), genre, tropes, etc is missing. Feel free to comment what you need and it will be added. If you already posted your story, leave the url or title and once I add those in, I will add them to your fic.

Story Banners
Story banners are allowed, but no larger than 800x300.

One account per person.

What is not allowed on this site. This is content-wise for fiction and fanfiction-wise. No none fanfiction/fiction based content.
What is posted must be your own work, no plagiarism.
No bestiality, animal abuse, necrophilia, pedophilia, snuff, scat, or golden showers. This is why there are no warnings for this because they aren’t allowed.
No underage sexual content, characters must be 16 or older.
No racism, sexism, discrimination, animal abuse, or hate/bigotry presented in a positive light.

No bashing, or trolling towards authors or stories.

none at this time

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